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Competitive Team Tryouts

Tryouts for the 2016 Season

Tryouts for the 2016 season will be held July 25-26, 2015.

U9-U11  July 27

U12-U17 July 26

Online Registration to open in June, 2015.

Contact DOC, Becky McCabe, at becky@cmysa.org if you cannot attend. There is no make up tryout date. Numbers do not allow us to hold a competitively comparable make up tryout.

If a player is unable to attend, you MUST still register for the tryouts and the player will be assessed based on zoom reports, Director of Coaching evaluation (if applicable), and in season game evaluations.


U9/10 Developmental Program Assessment

U9 and U10 players interested in accelerating their training, playing against higher level competition, and making soccer a bigger commitment are invited to attend our Developmental Program Assessment. 
Players will be assessed in three (3) ways: 
(1) technical skill and athleticism
(2) play within small-sided games
(3) mentality/attitude/coachability

Some players are not mentally or emotionally ready for this accelerated training.  Others are not ready soccer skill-wise.  This is nothing to be alarmed about.  It is important to note that each player is unique and may fluctuate between levels within each phase of the Player Development Model.  (See CMYSA Player Development Model & Program Chart.) 

The U9-U10 Developmental Program is based on the notion that players develop more quickly when surrounded by other players who share their ability and desire to accelerate their learning.  CMYSA wants to provide for all levels of players.  If a player is not ready for this level, we recommend our in-house program.  

Goalkeepers are not specifically assessed at this level. 

Assessors will have playing and/or coaching experience and will be impartial to the players they are assessing.  CMYSA will gather the data from the assessments and come out with a final roster placement for your player.

In addition to the data collected, CMYSA will use the following information:
- Results from previous seasons (if applicable)
- Director of Coaching evaluation
- Coaches feedback from the season
- In season game evaluation

U11-U17 Competitive Tryouts

This level of soccer is competitive in nature. Players desiring to play at this level must try out for their age-appropriate team.  Participation requires a major commitment from the player and their families. Travel is required, usually within a 75 mile radius of St. Cloud.  Teams at the U11+ age groups are divided into levels through the MN Youth Soccer Association:  Premier, C1, C2 or C3 teams.  Scores are recorded, and there is promotion and relegation within the league levels.  CMYSA strives to field as high a level team as possible at each age group.  If numbers allow, we will also field a C3 team.  We will try to field two teams at each age group if numbers allow to meet the abilities of all our players.

Tryout  Format:  Players will work through 90 minutes of soccer-related activities that transition from a simple warm up focused on technical ability and physical movement, to non-directional possession games, to directional games/scrimmage.  Assessors are looking at players’ athletic, technical, tactical, and mental attributes and abilities.  Players ranked highest in these areas will be placed on the highest level team CMYSA offers at that age group.

Assessors will have college playing experience and/or be a USSF/NSCAA licensed coach and will be impartial to the players they are assessing.  CMYSA will then come out with a final roster placement for each player by August 11th, 2014.

In addition to the live tryout, CMYSA will use the following information:
- Coach’s feedback from the season (Zoom Reports)
- Director of Coaching evaluation (if applicable)
- In season game evaluation

Contact DOC, Becky McCabe, at becky@cmysa.org if you cannot attend.  Due to numbers not allowing us to hold a competitively comparable make up tryout, there is no make up tryout date.

If your player is unable to attend, you MUST still register for the tryouts and your player will be assessed based on zoom reports, Director of Coaching evaluation (if applicable), and in season game evaluations.

Tryouts will take place at Whitney Fields 11 and 12

Goalkeepers:  Goalkeepers will have separate assessments from the field players.  Each goalkeeper will come to their age group’s tryout and will be assessed through drills for the first part of the tryout.  The last part of the tryout will be an assessment in game situations.  Players who play both goalkeeper and field will be seen at both positions during the tryout.

Goalkeeper Assessment Tools:

  • Collapse dives based on time
  • Post to post clean catches
  • Shot stopping based on saves/attempts
  • High balls saves/attempts
  • Distribution

U18-U19 Competitive Teams

No tryouts will be held for this age group do to numbers.  Players who fall under the U18-U19 age group will have a combined team that plays at the U19 level.  Rosters will be filled with the first 18-22 players who register online for the team.  CMYSA will field one boys team and one girls team. 

Team Formation and Player Notification

• Team formation and player notification is expected to be completed by August 8th, 2014 for U13-U17 teams and October 13th, 2014 for U9-U11 teams.
• Players for each team will be selected at a Team Formation Meeting attended only by invited coaches, evaluators, and CMYSA Travel Committee members.
• Players will be notified via team postings on the CMYSA website.  Players will be identified with their first initial and the first three letters of their last name. 
• Teams with identified coaches will make every effort to contact their players within 48 hours following the website notification.
• Rosters are not final until all players have paid at least their first fee installment.  Registration/Payment for the Competitive Program must be completed within 7 days of Website Notification.  After 7 days, CMYSA may offer the roster spots to other eligible players.
• The elevated teams will be filled first.  If players who were invited to play on the elevated team do not register/pay before the deadline, the highest scoring players based on positions needed from the non-elevated (second team) will be invited to up.  Because of this, the non-elevated team’s final roster may vary from what is initially announced on the website.

Age Guidelines for Registration

Please use the following birthyear guideline.  For Fall and Summer 2014 Travel it will be the first column. 





 Fall 2014 – Summer 2015



8-1-08 to 7-31-09



8-1-07 to 7-31-08



8-1-06 to 7-31-07



8-1-05 to 7-31-06



8-1-04 to 7-31-05



8-1-03 to 7-31-04



8-1-02 to 7-31-03



8-1-01 to 7-31-02



8-1-00 to 7-31-01



8-1-99 to 7-31-00



8-1-98 to 7-31-99



8-1-97 to 7-31-98



8-1-96 to 7-31-97



8-1-95 to 7-31-96

Note: MYSA does not make exceptions to these guidelines.