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Competitive Team Tryouts/Assessments

2017 Travel Team Rosters Announced

Below are rosters for the 2017 MYSA Travel season. Players are listed in alphabetical order by first initial, then first 3 letters of the players' last name and month of birth. In order to reserve your player's spot on the roster, s/he must be registered with the first installment payment made by August 29th. If your player is in need of financial assistance, please complete and mail the scholarship form to CMYSA, PO Box 651, St. Cloud, MN 56302 by Aug. 22nd AND notify Chris at about your form to reserve your child's roster spot. Questions about roster postings can be directed to Director of Coaching, Emily Willaert at If your player would like to decline his/her roster spot, please email Emily Willaert at so rosters can be adjusted.

2000 (U17) C2 or C3 Boys (pending MYSA Promotion/Relegation)

Seeking parent or to hire consensus

  1. A. Del (Apr.)
  2. B. Eln (Oct.)
  3. C. Gar (Oct.)
  4. D. Klo (Aug.)
  5. D. Sch (Feb.)
  6. E. Min (May)
  7. G. Mol (Nov.)
  8. G. Woo
  9. J. Fan (Nov.)
  10. J. Ken (July)
  11. J. Klo (Feb.)
  12. J. Sau (Dec.)
  13. J. Sch (Aug.)
  14. K. Nol (Aug.)
  15. L. Sch (Dec.)
  16. T. Lam (Dec.)

2001 (U16) C1 Girls

Coach: To Hire at Parent Meeting

  1. A. Koe (Sept.)
  2. A. Eri (Jan.)
  3. E. Log (Feb.)
  4. E. Ple (Dec.)
  5. E. Ste (Mar.)
  6. J. Sid (Feb.)
  7. J. Wal (Apr.)
  8. K. Poe (Dec.)
  9. K. Woi (Nov.)
  10. L. Sti (Mar.)
  11. L. Yel (Sept.)
  12. M. Lee (Oct.)
  13. M. Mar (Sept.)
  14. R. Koo (Feb.)
  15. R. Van (Dec.)
  16. Injury Hold: L. Rau (___)
  17. Injury Hold: A. Pas (___)
  18. Injury Hold: J. Don (___)

2002/2003 (U15) C3 Boys

Seeking parent or to hire consensus

  1. A. Bre (Jan.)
  2. B. Mar (Apr.)
  3. C. Eng (Feb.)
  4. C. Hac (Oct.)
  5. C. Sha (June)
  6. C. Wal (Sept.)
  7. D. Nor (Sept.)
  8. G. Bar (June)
  9. H. Le (Aug.)
  10. I. Str (Apr.)
  11. L. Hol (Dec.)
  12. P. Riv (Oct.)
  13. Injury Hold: J. Van (Aug.)
  14. Injury Hold: J. Man (Oct.)

2003 (U14) C2 Boys

Mike Cummings/Greg Trombley

  1. A. Hil (July)
  2. A. Mat (Nov.)
  3. C. Hen (May)
  4. C. Tro (Mar.)
  5. D. Cum (July)
  6. E. And (Mar.)
  7. G. Hen (Dec.)
  8. I. O’Ne (May)
  9. J. Bro (Apr.)
  10. J. Mar (Aug.)
  11. L. Pfa (Dec.)
  12. L. Smi (Dec.)
  13. M. Pen (May)
  14. T. Wat (Aug.)
  15. W. Koe (Apr.)

2004 (U13) C2 Boys

Stuart Perry/Bjorn Snowberg

  1. B. Fro (June)
  2. B. Leg (Apr.)
  3. B. Pre (Sept.)
  4. C. Mid (May)
  5. D. Dan (Sept.)
  6. E. Per (Sept.)
  7. E. Suf (June)
  8. J. Beh (Apr.)
  9. J. Dvo (Dec.)
  10. K. Han (July)
  11. K. Whi (Mar.)
  12. L. O’Do (Apr.)
  13. M. Sno (Apr.)
  14. N. Blo (Nov.)
  15. N. LaL (July)
  16. S. Gra (Apr.)
  17. T. Hol (May)
  18. T. Met (Sept.)
  19. Z. Far (Dec.)

2005 (U12) C2 or C3 Boys

Asha Moran/Adam Hammer

  1. A. Jac (July)
  2. A. Rog (Mar.)
  3. C. But (Apr.)
  4. C. Kil (Apr.)
  5. E. Ham (Nov.)
  6. E. Tet (Oct.)
  7. G. And (Oct.)
  8. H. Bur (May)
  9. M. Mor (Oct.)
  10. M. Nes (Sept)
  11. N. Hol (Dec.)
  12. O. And (Oct.)
  13. O. Klu (June)
  14. S. McC (Jan.)

2006 (U11) C1 Boys

Andy Pearson

  1. A. Nys (Apr.)
  2. B. New (Mar.)
  3. C. Cam (Jan.)
  4. C. Cum (July)
  5. C. Ost (May)
  6. G. Gal (Sept.)
  7. I. Moh (Mar.)
  8. J. Mic (Oct.)
  9. J. Pla (May)
  10. M. Lay (Nov.)
  11. N. Hwa (Mar.)
  12. W. Pea (Apr.)

2006 (U11) C2 Girls

James Simmons/Glen Tautges

  1. A. Hec (Jan.)
  2. A. Tau. (Jan.)
  3. B. Kil (Feb.)
  4. C. Gua (Nov.)
  5. E. Mil (Feb.)
  6. J. Ben (Mar.)
  7. G. Fer (July)
  8. L. Poe (May)
  9. M. O’Ne (Dec.)
  10. M. Sim (Feb.)
  11. R. Joh (July)
  12. R. Klo (May)
  13. S. Mai (Apr.)

2000 (U17) C2 or C3 Girls (pending MYSA Promotion/Relegation)

Reed Mauriala/Jeff Bauerly

  1. A. Mac (June)
  2. B. Rat (June)
  3. C. Sch (Apr.)
  4. E. Kol (Aug.)
  5. G. Cry
  6. G. Kue (Mar.)
  7. G. Roos (Oct.)
  8. K. Kil (Mar.)
  9. L. Cum
  10. L. Kap (July)
  11. M. Bau (Sept.)
  12. M. Cor
  13. M. Kap (July)
  14. N. Dan
  15. P. Put (May)
  16. R. Nyd (Aug.)
  17. S. Boy
  18. T. Nel (Oct.)
  19. Injury Hold: S. Swa (June)

2001 (U16) C3 Girls

Seeking parent or to hire consensus

  1. J. Fre (Mar.)
  2. M. Lee (Sept.)
  3. M. Bro (June)
  4. J. Wal (June)
  5. T. Hel (Oct.)
  6. T. Lee (Oct.)
  7. T. And (Oct.)
  8. K. And (June)
  9. H. Sch (Feb.)
  10. L. Joh (Oct.)
  11. A. Fle (Dec.)
  12. Injury Hold: L. Rau (Jan.)
  13. Injury Hold: A. Pas (Dec.)
  14. Injury Hold: J. Don (Sept.)

2002 (U15) C2 Girls

Adam Holm/Josh Alessio

  1. C. Ruh (Apr.)
  2. C. Swa (Jan.)
  3. E. Joh (Mar.)
  4. E. Ols (Feb.)
  5. E. Pro (Aug.)
  6. F. Mil (Nov.)
  7. G. Sch (Nov.)
  8. K. Kul (Nov.)
  9. K. Mon (Nov.)
  10. L. Ale (Oct.)
  11. M. Bit (Aug.)
  12. M. Kir (Apr.)
  13. M. Pre (Apr.)
  14. O. Heb (Apr.)
  15. O. McC (Apr.)
  16. S. Uri (Sept.)
  17. T. Hol (Sept.)
  18. Injury Hold: J. Ngu (Feb.)

2003 (U14) C2 Girls

Tom Eibes/Mark Marek/Adal Villalobos

  1. A. Fro (Feb.)
  2. A. Kon (May)
  3. C. Koo (Nov.)
  4. C. O’Dr (June)
  5. H. Eib (Dec.)
  6. L. Lom (Sept.)
  7. L. Sch (Aug.)
  8. M. Cor (June)
  9. M. Cro (Feb.)
  10. M. Fer (Dec.)
  11. M. Kru (July)
  12. M. Mar (Apr.)
  13. P. Mat (Oct.)
  14. S. Vil (June)
  15. T. Wat (July)
  16. Injury Hold: J. Jet (Oct.)

2004 (U13) C2 Girls

Stuart Perry/Kevin Quinn

  1. A. Cha (Oct.)
  2. C. Qui (Aug.)
  3. E. Koe (May)
  4. E. Sch (May)
  5. G. Mil (Aug.)
  6. H. Bay (May)
  7. H. Sch (Nov.)
  8. I. Lee (Dec.)
  9. J. Per (Sept.)
  10. M. Fel (Sept.)
  11. M. Gor (Dec.)
  12. M. McK (Dec.)
  13. M. Qui (June)
  14. O. Bau (May)
  15. O. Tro (Mar.)
  16. R. Klo (Oct.)
  17. Injury Hold E. Sta (May)

2005 (U12) C2 Girls

Kendra Love/David Wright

  1. A. Rad (June)
  2. A. Wri (Mar.)
  3. B. McC (Sept.)
  4. C. Tur (June)
  5. E. Sch (Mar.)
  6. G. Dav (Sept.)
  7. G. Nie (Jan.)
  8. J. Bet (Mar.)
  9. K. Gac (Nov.)
  10. M. Fie (May)
  11. M. Her (July)
  12. R. Gei (Apr.)

2006 (U11) C2 Boys

Seeking parent or to hire consensus

  1. B. Web (Oct.)
  2. C. Ran (Mar.)
  3. C. Sho (Feb.)
  4. D. Fra (Aug.)
  5. D. Sau (Feb.)
  6. E. Dro (Jan.)
  7. H. Bue (Mar.)
  8. J. Hir (July)
  9. J. Mer (Feb.)
  10. J. Ott (May)
  11. L. Eiy (May)

2001 (U16) C2 Boys

Coach: To Hire

  1. A. For (Aug.)
  2. B. McG (June)
  3. C. Ort (July)
  4. C. Rod (Oct.)
  5. D. Jet (Dec.)
  6. D. Mid (Sept.)
  7. J. Pan (June)
  8. I. Han (Feb.)
  9. M. Alk (Feb.)
  10. M. Mar (Feb.)
  11. M. Pea (Oct.)
  12. M. Per (Feb.)
  13. N. Amu (Mar.)
  14. P. Ols (July)
  15. T. Con (Apr.)
  16. Z. Lee (July)
  17. Z. Sch (Oct.)

2002 (U15) C2 Boys

Coach: Chad Keller/Willaert

  1. A. Elm (___)
  2. B. De l (Jan.)
  3. B. Kel (Apr.)
  4. D. Her (Apr.)
  5. E. And. (May)
  6. G. Mue (Apr.)
  7. J. Pea (Sept.)
  8. Ja. Eng (Sept.)
  9. Jo. Eng (Sept.)
  10. L. And (Jan.)
  11. M. Nie (July)
  12. M. Tes (Mar.)
  13. R. Wal (Sept.)
  14. S. Put (May)
  15. W. O’Do (Oct.)
  16. Injury Hold: J. Van (Aug.)
  17. Injury Hold: J. Man (Oct.)

2002 (U15) C3 Girls

Seeking parent or to hire consensus

  1. A. Lar (July)
  2. I. Hei. (Feb.)
  3. I. Ran (Oct.)
  4. L. Wil (July)
  5. M. Mai (Oct.)
  6. M. Ost (Dec.)
  7. M. Has (June)
  8. P. Hoe (Dec.)
  9. S. Str (Oct.)
  10. T. Mai (Oct.)
  11. M. Mil. (May)
  12. M. Van (Jan.)
  13. R. Ter (Jan.)
  14. Injury Hold: A. Han (Oct.)
  15. Injury Hold: J. Ngu (Feb.)

2003 (U14) C3 Girls

Seeking parent or to hire consensus

  1. E. Mur (Mar.)
  2. E. Sch (Mar.)
  3. G. Eln (Aug.)
  4. H. Han (Oct.)
  5. K. Eri (June)
  6. L. Pfa (Nov.)
  7. M. Bro (Feb.)
  8. M. Poo (Nov.)
  9. N. Bue (Dec.)
  10. P. Mor (Jan.)
  11. R. Wie (Jan.)
  12. S. Lin (Apr.)
  13. T. Str (Nov.)
  14. Y. Gar (July)
  15. Inury Hold: J. Jet (Oct.)

2004 (U13) C3 Girls

Andy Pearson/James Simmons

  1. A. Wal (July)
  2. E. Sim (Mar.)
  3. J. Nyd (Apr.)
  4. J. Ham (Apr.)
  5. J. Kel (May)
  6. J. Ree (Jan.)
  7. Ka. McC (Jan.)
  8. Ky. McC (Jan.)
  9. K. McG (Nov.)
  10. K. Pea (July)
  11. L. Wei (May)
  12. M. Oks (Nov.)
  13. N. Mill (Oct.)
  14. Injury Hold E. Sta (May)

2005 (U12) C1  or C2 Boys

Kaz Gazdzik/Mike Rudnick

  1. E. McC (May)
  2. K. Fis (July)
  3. L. Aus (Nov.)
  4. L. Hal (Aug.)
  5. L. Rud (Oct.)
  6. M. Con (Dec.)
  7. M. Pfe (Apr.)
  8. P. O’Ne (Aug.)
  9. Q. Mil (Jan.)
  10. R. Hen (Feb.)
  11. T. Gaz (Sept.)
  12. T. Hil (Mar.)

2005/2006 (U12) C3 Girls

Jayson Osmundson

  1. A. Lun (Aug.)
  2. A. Pol (Sept.)
  3. B. Leg (Mar.)
  4. E. Par (Nov.)
  5. E. Whe (Sept.)
  6. L Eln (July)
  7. M. Nef (Aug.)
  8. O. Pau (May)
  9. R. Vol (Feb.)
  10. S. Osm (Sept)
  11. S. Wie (Oct.)

2006 (U11) C3 Boys

Seeking parent or to hire consensus

  1. B. Gla (Feb.)
  2. C. Jer (Aug.)
  3. H. Aus (Nov.)
  4. J. Gla (Aug.)
  5. J. Jan (May)
  6. J. Mee (June)
  7. K. Hon (Oct.)
  8. K. Sab (Apr.)
  9. N. Han (Apr.)
  10. O. And (July)
  11. P. Haa (Apr.)

Assessments/Tryouts for the 2017 Season

All tryouts and teams are divided up by gender and your child’s age group corresponds to the year of his/her date of birth* (i.e. a player born August 7, 2000 and a player born April 12, 2000 will both attend the Monday, July 25th (3:00 to 4:15 p.m.) and Wednesday, July 27th (3:00 to 4:15 p.m.)

* The age groups determined by birth year is a new mandate by the US Soccer Federation

Cost for tryout is $35.

Registration closes 10pm on Thursday, July 21st. All registrations after this deadline will be considered "walk-ups" and will register at the field for $50. If a player is unable to attend, you MUST still register for the assessments/tryouts and the club will do their best to place your child at the appropriate level, but priority will be given to those who attend tryouts.

**Play Ups. CMYSA discourages play ups in all but very special circumstances. Only players who are assessed in the top 25% of their current age group AND the older age group will be allowed to play up. Players interested in playing up must contact DOC ( at least 7 days before tryouts providing name (first and last), date of birth and higher age group they are trying out for. CMYSA allows for a one year play up with the exception of extremely rare cases in which it would inhibit the long term development of the player. In these cases, the decision of allowing a two year play up will be taken to the Travel Committee and Director of Coaching.

U9-U10 Developmental Program Assessment

U9 and U10 players interested in accelerating their training, playing against higher level competition, and making soccer a bigger commitment are invited to attend our Developmental Program Assessment. 
Players will be assessed in three (3) ways: 
(1) technical skill and athleticism
(2) play within small-sided games
(3) mentality/attitude/coachability

The assessments are for placement. The only reasons a player would not make a team would be if the Board and Travel directors could not make the numbers work for teams or if the player would benefit from a year of our in-house skill building program.

The U9-U10 Developmental Program is based on the notion that players develop more quickly when surrounded by other players who share their ability and desire to accelerate their learning.  CMYSA wants to provide for all levels of players.  If a player is not ready for this level, we recommend our in-house program.  

Goalkeepers are not specifically assessed at this level. 

Assessors will have playing and/or coaching experience and will be impartial to the players they are assessing.  CMYSA will gather the data from the assessments and come out with a final roster placement for your player.

In addition to the data collected, CMYSA will use the following information:
- 6 week indoor trainings (see Tryout Information and USSF Mandate document in top upper right corner)
- Director of Coaching evaluation (if applicable)
- Coaches feedback from the season (if applicable)
- In season game evaluation (if applicable)

U11-U17 Competitive Tryouts

This level of soccer is competitive in nature. Players desiring to compete at this level must try out for their age-appropriate team.  Participation requires a major commitment from the players and their families. Travel is required, usually within a 75 mile radius of St. Cloud.  Teams at the U11+ age groups are divided into levels through the MN Youth Soccer Association:  Premier, C1, C2 or C3 teams.  Scores are recorded, and there is promotion and relegation within the league levels (U15 and older).  CMYSA strives to field as high a level team as possible at each age group.  If numbers allow, we will also field a C3 team.  We will try to field two teams at each age group, if numbers allow, to meet the abilities of all our players.

Tryout  Format:  Players will have two 75 minute evaluation sessions (see Tryout Information and USSF Mandate document in upper right corner for more information).  Assessors are looking at players’ athletic, technical, tactical, and mental attributes and abilities.  Players ranked highest in these areas will be placed on the highest level team CMYSA offers at that age group.

In addition to the live tryout, CMYSA will use the following information:
- Coach’s feedback from the season (Zoom Reports)
- Director of Coaching evaluation (if applicable)

Contact DOC, Emily Willaert ( if you cannot attend.  Due to numbers not allowing us to hold a competitively comparable make up tryout, there is no make up tryout date.

If your player is unable to attend, you MUST still register for the tryouts and your player will be assessed based on zoom reports, Director of Coaching evaluation (if applicable), and in season game evaluations.

Goalkeepers:  Goalkeepers will have separate assessments from the field players.  Each goalkeeper will come to their age group’s tryout and will be assessed through drills for the first part of the tryout.  The last part of the tryout will be an assessment in game situations.  Players who play both goalkeeper and field will be seen at both positions during the tryout.

Goalkeeper Assessment Tools:

  • Collapse dives based on time
  • Post to post clean catches
  • Shot stopping based on saves/attempts
  • High balls saves/attempts
  • Distribution

U18-U19 Competitive Teams

No tryouts will be held for this age group do to numbers.  Players who fall under the U18-U19 age group will have a combined team that plays at the U19 level.  Rosters will be filled with the first 18-22 players who register online for the team.  CMYSA will field one boys team and one girls team. Play up policy for this age group is evaluated on a case by case basis.

Team Formation and Player Notification

Team formation and player notification will be completed by:

  • August 15, 2016 for U11-U17 teams
  • December 1, 2016 for U9 and U10 teams

Players will be notified via team postings on the CMYSA website.  Players will be identified by first initial and last name. If a coach is in place, s/he will make every effort to contact his/her players within 48 hours following the website notification. Players must pay at least the first installment fee in order to confirm his/her roster spot. Registration and payment for the Competitive Program must be completed within 14 days of roster postings. Any payment made after the 14-day deadline will have a $50 late fee assessed. If a registration/payment has not been completed after 14 days, CMYSA may offer the roster spot to another eligible player. If an elevated team has an open spot due to a late registration or player declining, the highest scoring players (based on positional needs) from the second team will be invited take the spot. Due to these potential changes, final rosters may vary from what is initially announced on the website. See the Tryout Information and USSF Mandate Document (upper right corner of this page) for more information.

**Parent Coaches are needed for several teams, especially the U9s. 

Why are tryouts held in July?

July evaluations are done by the majority of clubs in the State for several reasons. 

-Team formation can be completed so players can participate in winter leagues together or begin indoor training programs together during the winter months.

-Evaluations can be held on natural grass rather than the turf or hard floors used for indoor soccer.

-Playing on grass also helps keep facility cost rental low...dome time is expensive! 

-Players are still in good physical condition and are in no danger of losing their touch so soon after the summer season has ended.

Who are the assessors?

Assessors will have college playing experience and/or be a USSF/NSCAA licensed coach and will be impartial to the players they are assessing.