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Developmental Program (U9-U10)

Assessment and Developmental Training

ALL 2008 (U9) and 2007 (U10) players are invited to participate in 6 additional training/evaluation sessions.

These sessions will be held at South Junior High (1120 15th Ave S, St Cloud, MN 56301) on Sunday October 23rd, 30th, November 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th (see below for times). These sessions are completely optional and at no additional cost after the $35 tryout fee. Emily Willaert (CMYSA DOC) will run the training sessions working on technical skills and smallā€sided games. Players should bring a size 4 soccer ball, tennis shoes or indoor shoes, shinguards, soccer socks, and water.

Interested parent coaches will be invited to attend these sessions to help run the session, learn aspects of the game and practice organization. Players will also be evaluated at each session. At the end of these six sessions, a composite score (tryout score from July and scores from any training session the player attended) for each player will be compiled and teams will be formed with weight on the most recent score.

If a time doesn't work for your child, you are interested in coaching or have an unregistered player, please email to make arrangements.

Player Schedule:

2008 Girls: 3:00 to 4:00 p.m.

2007 Girls 4:00 to 5:00 p.m.

2008 Boys 5:00 to 6:00 p.m.

2007 Boys 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.

U9-U10 Developmental Program


The  U9-U10 age group falls under Phase 2 of our Player Development Chart:  Learning to Train (see Travel Home Page for Chart). 

It is considered “the golden age” of learning. These years are the most critical development years of a youth soccer player’s career. It is at these ages where the basic fundamental skills of soccer are mastered. These skills allow players to compete and be successful as soccer players at the next level of play. It is also when they develop a true love for the game. The U9-10 Development Program is designed for players ages 8-10 years old who have a higher level of ability, commitment and interest level in soccer.  This program is not for everyone and requires a higher level of commitment than the Rec/In-House Program.  It is also required that participants have 1-2 seasons of in-house/rec soccer experience before moving to this program.

Assessment Registration

Click here to register for the U9-10 Developmental Program Assessments. Cost is $35.

Rec vs Competitive: How to Choose?

The difference between the U9-10 Developmental Program and the Recreational/In-House Program lies in the level of investment/playing ability, commitment, coachability, and interest of the 8, 9, and 10 year olds and their parents/guardians. To help decide which level of play is most appropriate for your child, listed below are the characteristics of typical players who would participate in the U9-10 Competitive Program . If your child displays a majority of the characteristics listed he/she is probably more suited for this level of play. However, it should be noted that during player’s soccer development, they may move back and forth in their interest and commitment levels.

  • Demonstrates a solid technical foundation (applies learned skills)
  • High level of coordination and agility
  • Is aggressive in attitude and gets involved in games and practices
  • Listens well and follows directions (focused and attentive) at practice and during games
  • Started to narrow down the number of extra-curricular activities they are involved in
  • Soccer is a high priority and they have a passion to play
  • Practices with a ball in his/her own time outside organized times

Season Information

Summer Fall
Cost: $235 Cost: 2016 Cost TBD
League: Tournaments Only May-June usually League: Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA)
Practices: 10(1/wk) with qualified and licensed skills coach and 1-2/wk with team coach. Practices begin indoors in Febuary or March. Outside practices begin in Mid April. Some coahes may hold practices or frree play sessions year round, but these are optional. Practices: 6 (1/wk) with qualified and licensed skills coach and 1-2/wk with team coach. Team practices begin in August.
Games: Tournaments Only Games: Schedule set by MYSA. 6 League Games. Start of Sept (league play begins). Mid October (league play ends).
Game Nights: Weekend Schedule Game Nights: Weekend Schedule
Travel: Yes. Usually within 75 of St. Cloud. Travel: Yes. Usually within 75 of St. Cloud.
Wknd Tournaments: Yes. 3-5 per summer. (3-4 tournament included in fees, other tournaments typically additional $20-$30/player) Wknd Tournaments: Team decides
Days/Week 2-5 (depending on if the weekend is a tournament or not) Days/Week 2-4 (1-2 game days, 2-3 practices)
Uniform ($100) Players will be required to purchase a uniform if they do not have the current CMYSA program uniform. Uniform ($100) Players will be required to purchase a uniform if they do not have the current CMYSA program uniform.
Ball Size: 4 Ball Size: 4
Length of Sessions: 1-1.5 hours Length of Sessions: 1-1.5 hours
Coaches: Parent Coaches w/CMYSA Staff assisting in some training sessions Coaches: Parent Coaches w/CMYSA Staff assisting in some training sessions
Roster size: 12 players Roster size: 12 players
Roster Formation: Formed from assessments Roster Formation: Formed from assessments
Assessments: Assessments are the end of July for the following Summer Season. Players are not required to play the Falls Season, but they are required to play the Summer Season. However, the Fall Season is recommended to continue player development. Assessments: None specifically. Fall is a continuation of the previous summer.

Both seasons consist of:

  • Training sessions 2-3 times/week.
    • Professional coaching for 1 of those weekly training sessions.
  • Skill development is the focus, along with basic tactical development and team play.
  • Player development is the focus: Player & Ball. 
  • Other development and playing options are offered throughout the year.

*please note that U9 does not include U7s and most U8 players

**teams are split by gender (not co-ed)

Why does CMYSA have player assessments for the U9-U10 Developmental Program?

The assessments are for placement. The only reasons a player would not make a team would be if the Board and Travel directors could not make the numbers work for teams or if the player would benefit from a year of our in-house skill building program.

CMYSA has two levels of play offered at the U9-U10 ages: Maroon and Gold.  Most tournaments offer these two levels, as well.  Because of this, we try to place like-players with like-players in order to parallel the tournaments our teams participate in.

Additionally, according to the US Soccer Player Development Model, the concept of “flow” is critical for effective soccer training and player development.  Flow is that period of time in which an activity matches one’s ability.  It is important that all players are properly challenged, and that they can grow through a healthy mix of mistakes and successes, while enjoying a fun and supportive atmosphere.  Too few or too many mistakes or successes does not promote player development.  Playing with and against players of similar soccer levels helps achieve flow.  CMYSA uses the assessments to help properly place players based on this notion. 

It is important to realize that player development ebbs and flows, and is unique to each individual.  Do not fret about what team your player is placed on.  Continue to encourage your player(s) to practice their soccer skills on their own and to always give his/her best effort.  Also remember: Training and games are only part of the puzzle…the more a player works with the ball on his/her own, the faster that player will develop!