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About Central Minnesota Youth Soccer Association

Our Mission:

The Central Minnesota Youth Soccer Association is a non-profit organization formed to promote, foster, and perpetuate the game of soccer for players kindergarten through high school age. The Central Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (CMYSA) is a member of Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) is affiliated with the United States Youth Soccer Association, Inc.; the United States Soccer Federation; the United States Olympic Committee, Inc.; and the Federation International de Football Association. It shall be the mission of the Central Minnesota Youth Soccer Association, to educate, provide service, promote, and stimulate interest in the game of soccer at a recreational level through competative level.

Two commitments are essential to our mission:

1) Attract, develop, and retain people of the highest character and confidence

2) Provide creative services to keep pace with the ever-changing needs of our players and coaches

To this end, CMYSA is dedicated to providing the finest and most efficient service of which it is capable; to conduct its affairs in such a manner as to ensure a sound and fiscally responsible operation; and to contribute, by every means at its command, to the continuing growth and well being of the organization and those it serves.


CMYSA Player Development & Programming Philosophy

Using the United States Youth Soccer Association player development model, this chart illustrates the various opportunities CMYSA offers to players within in each development phase. We recognize the unique requirements of each phase for appropriate training specific to the needs of the player. As illustrated below, we have programs for players from as young as five years old through 18, and programs for players from a recreational level to an elite level in the developmental process. Furthermore, it helps to ensure optimum development as each player ages and progresses.  It is important to note that each player is unique and may fluctuate between levels within each phase.

CMYSA recognizes one of the main goals of participation in youth sports is personal development. Youth sports should be a safe environment to help players learn and practice useful character and game skills which can be used in other venues to promote individual success.  CMYSA works to instill the following traits in its participants.

Players Displaying Mindfulness:

  • Think independently and creatively
  • Solve problems as they arise
  • Utilize a growth mindset not a closed mindset
  • Understand tactics of the game (attack; transition from attacking to defending; defense; transition from defending to attack)
  • View challenges and disappointments as opportunities

Players Displaying Eagerness:

  • Exhibit a passion for the game
  • Pursue excellence
  • Take risks and understand mistakes are part of learning
  • Demonstrate a dedication to the team and gratitude for the opportunity to play

Players Displaying Action:

  • Understand traits of leaders and welcome the opportunity to lead
  • Play creatively
  • Collaborate with teammates and coaches
  • Demonstrate respect
  • Possess Self-Efficacy